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Are you looking for speakers, sound systems, or a DJs for your event or party? If so, than HD Projector Services is your one stop rental store for everything from DJs to big screen HD projectors. Wow and amaze your family, friends, and colleagues with a party that will leave them talking for days. Conveniently located in Hesperia, we service the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Inland Empire areas. We come to you, set everything up, and show you how it all works. All you do is press play!!!

So, I bet your asking yourself "How would a projector be a good idea for a party or event?". If this is you, I want you to think about what television and movie theaters have done over the years. They have introduced a modern entertainment experience to groups of people big or small, whether its your family gathered around your living room at night watching your favorite shows, going out with family or friends to the movie theater, or simply watching your local news, televised entertainment has become a much enjoyed past time in our modern society.

A few years ago when we started "HD Projector Services", we simply thought about bringing the ease and comfort of home and theater like entertainment to an event or party. Never could we have imagined the positive feedback from clients and friends. Every event we went to, we seemed to get more and more ideas for ways to one up our last event. For instance, letting clients run slideshows off of a laptop at a wedding, hooking up a cable box for live sports events, a dvd player for kids parties, and the best experience yet, connecting any number of game systems to the projector and bringing HD quality gaming to the big screen. At almost every event we were told the projector was one of the best parts of the night and we absolutely loved the feedback. Our main goal was to bring a true gaming and movie watching experience to a mobile set up that was convenient and easy to use. For an experience different from any other, click here to book a projector for your next event, party, or get together.
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